Andy Warhol visit’s Yaletown


This past March I got the pleasure of visiting some of my favourite artist’s original pieces. 80 of Andy Warhol’s prints and original paintings where put on display at a pop art exhibition in Yaletown, Vancouver in March 2015.

Warhol was a man of many talents. Along with being a successful painter he was also a commercial illustrator, author, publisher and film director. One of my favourite art pieces of Warhol is of the 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans. As one of his first art pieces to go on display, Warhol created and exhibited this canvas in 1962 at the Fergus Gallery of Los Angeles, California.


During my Arts major for my GCSE’s I focused hours upon hours of my time researching Andy Warhol. In inspiration of Warhol’s work, I used his colour block technique on the traditional Cadbury chocolate bar wrapping. It was a truly beautiful outcome inspired from a truly talented man.

Warhol was a huge influencer of the pop art culture. With such a unique perspective, Warhol was able to relay his messages though his work and until this day is a very well known and powerful artist. Here are some snapshots of his work I was able to capture.

DSCN9711 DSCN9718  DSCN9726 DSCN9710



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