Getting my first tattoo

My Tattoo

This past June I turned 22 and finally got my first tattoo! I have been planning to get a tattoo for a while; well I have two tattoo ideas in mind, but one of these ideas is now a reality.
My tattoo is of my favourite quote “Everything happens for a reason”. The quote is written on the outer side of my left forearm. I got this quote as these very words helped me get though one of the hardest times of my life.

The concept behind the quote allowed me to understand that having dyslexia is a gift not a disability. For many years I struggled with finding who I am and what my purpose is. Having to wrap my mind over being dyslexic was a struggle, especially as a young child. I soon became accepting of my gift and began to work on being the best I can possibly be. You may never know why you are put in certain situations and you may never know why certain things happen, but you can always work to achieve the best outcome in what ever comes your way…

This quote has followed me throughout my life and still to this day helps me to find the best perspective in any situation. I got the quote written on my outer left arm as my left side is my strongest. For many years I was ashamed and hid the fact that I am dyslexic. Now I am proud to say I am dyslexic and to showcase all of my achievement in my life so fair. I no longer hide my dyslexia on the inside and I accept it as a part of who I am. This is why I decided to have the quote written on my outer arm. I am comfortable with who I am and know that this gift will not hold me back but motivate me to do amazing things.

I got my tattoo done from an amazingly talented man named Devin Stacy, a young artist working in Yaletown, Vancouver. I came across Devin’s work after I had seen my cousins’ and my brother’s tattoos. His eye for detail and accuracy is incredible and he truly is passionate about what he does. This made me feel 100% comfortable with getting my tattoo done by him. Devin went over the entire process at a pace I was comfortable with. I think that this is important when getting something permanent on your body. I totally recommend Devin if you are ever get a tattoo.

Check Devin out at!

Here are some pics of my tattoo,

First Tattoo





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