Christmas Tree Decor Ideas



Christmas is my favorite time of year. There are so many fun things to do like visit Christmas markets, shop for gifts and best of all eat lots and lots of chocolate. Then there’s the tree! That being said, It can definitely be tricky to pick a Christmas tree theme. Some people like to do the mix and match tree which looks great but for myself I prefer themed décor for my tree.

As a child each year we always had two trees. One artificial tree and one real tree that we chopped down at a tree farm. So tree décor was always a big thing in our household.

I love decorating the tree as it makes me feel so festive. I have my candles lit, my Christmas tunes playing and then I get cracking on the decorating. However, its not always a fun thing for everyone and can be quite overwhelming. Well, I just so happen to have some great ideas I came across on my tree décor shopping sprees this year. There are so many ways of going about tree decorating and here are some ideas to help get the ball rolling this year.

Theme #1:

This first tree going back to the basics with a rustic woodland theme. It is quite full but you can definitely have the same theme in a much more subtle way. By using earthy colours such as wood brown and light cream you can easily create a simple yet unique tree theme.

woodland theme tree

Theme #2:

This pink and white tree is a winter wonderland extravaganza. It’s pretty and bold with a lot of different combinations of round baubles, clip on  arrangements, ribbon draped vertically down the tree and branch ornaments. Mixing up the shape and sides of your ornaments will change the look and dimensions of your tree, making it appear much more full and grand. You can do this with any size tree.

pink and white

Theme #3:

You can still have a traditional red, green and white themed Christmas tree with a contemporary look. By using modern style clip on and branch ornaments combined with ribbon and traditional round baubles you get the best of both worlds; both traditional and contemporary all on one tree.

red and green

Theme #4:

This year is my first tree in my own apartment and I decided to continue my family tradition by getting a real tree. Yes that’s right, I brought a 5ft Christmas tree into my building and into my apartment. I am all about anything copper and rose gold so it only felt right to go with a copper and cream themed tree. I combined both traditional round baubles and contemporary style ornaments.

my first tree

Let me know what theme you went with or are leaning towards this year by leaving a comment below.

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