My Winter Essentials

A lot of things come to mind when I think of winter, the days get darker, colder and if you’re in Vancouver it rains more and more. But hey this means more evenings tucked under a blanket watching your favorite films and ordering take out for dinner. Even though I love me some summer sunshine and iced cold drinks, I do enjoy the fresh cold winter air.

I thought we had harsh winters growing up in the UK but I was wrong. There are much more harsh winters elsewhere, especially in Canada. Truth is I can’t go through a Canadian winter without my must have winter items, so I thought I would share some with you.

I am definitely a shower person but in the winter I do enjoy an evening bath to end the day and hydrate my skin. Lush have some wonderful and festive winter bath bombs in their collection that work wonders on dry winter skin. My favorite has to be The Magic Of Christmas bubble bar. The best part of a winters day is a nice hot evening lush bath and reading my favorite blogs.


Every winter my lips and hands start to get dry and sore. I find that the Dermalogica climate control lip treatment stick and the body moisturizer work wonders. For the longest time I was using the Bert’s Bees hand lotion and lip treatment and was 100% sold that they are the best. I only recently was introduced to Dermalogica products and I think they work well. So I now switch between the two.

Being all snuggled up on the sofa with a cosy blanket, winter candles lit and a strong cup of tea is my ideal winter weekend. This year I am really loving the marshmallow fireside Bath and Body Works candle. At first I thought it would be to sweet of a scent but turn’s out it is one of my favourites this year. And of course if you know me, you will know I love my tea. This winter I have really been loving the Banana Nut Bread, Hot Chocolate, Snow Day and Alpine Punch David’s tea. You can get these four teas in a gift pack!

There are a few winter beauty trends I am really enjoying this winter. The red or berry lip is a win for me. Mac’s VIVA GLAM III A45 is the perfect berry lipstick and Red Rum by Jeffrey Star is the perfect winter red mat liquid lip colour.

A good woolly  winter scarf and fluffy ear muffs are a must have for a cold winter. I love my Topshop panelled scarf, it not only look great but keep me all wrapped up and warm. My ear muffs were gifted to me a few years ago and have to be one of the most useful gifts I have ever received. They have pouches on either side and came with reheatable packs that heat up once squeezed and last a long time!

Be sure to share your winter must haves so far in the comment section below!


12 thoughts on “My Winter Essentials

  1. Looks like you are all set to hunker down and enjoy some cold weather. A fireplace a good book and I’m all set personally, but I think my wife would love most of these items.

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    1. The ear muffs work wonders. I almost wish I knew where they are from so I can get more. They would be good as a gift. The glove idea is a good one. That definitely needs to be invented if it’s not already!

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