How to be a happier you!

It is natural to feel sadness but that doesn’t mean sadness should control or take over our mood. Many people bypass the greatness of being happy and instead dwell on the sad. I am far from an expert but I can say from experience that being in control of your emotions and training your mind to be more optimistic results in a happier you. That being said, it’s not easy to train your mind but that’s ok because that doesn’t mean its impossible. Here are my tips on becoming a happier you.

1. Embrace yourself

Ok so the first step is a pretty deep one but trust me it works. Acknowledging and accepting both your strengths and weaknesses was the first step I took in being a happier me. Knowing your abilities and being comfortable to take pride in them, as well as being aware of areas you can improve on is what I have learnt to be the foundation of being happier. Embracing your weakness is much harder than disliking them, however we all have weaknesses and along with our strengths, they are a part of what makes us all unique. Remember, you have an entire lifetime to work on strengthen your weaknesses and exercising your strengths. A way I learnt to embrace myself is by telling myself I’m awesome! Literally, by saying out loud “I am awesome” truly helped me grow my self-confidence and embrace who I am. Simply by training my mind into believing in myself.

2. Smile more  

Smile at every opportunity you get. Even if it is by smiling at the person walking past you on the street or the barista handing you, your morning coffee. Not only does smiling make you feel lighter and happier, it also makes those who you smile at more happy too. It’s totally contagious!

3. Taking 5 minutes for Fresh air

We can all get so busy and wound up with work or school that we don’t realise we haven’t stopped and taken 5 minutes to just breath. Step outside and get some air during your day. By taking 5 minutes out of your break or lunch to get some air always allows me to remove any stresses of the day. I can then go back and focus on the task at hand and not have any stress or negativity affect my work. And by the end of the day I feel less stressed out and more happy.

4. Drink more water and less caffeine 

Caffeine and sugar filled drinks make you super focused or ready to go, but never for long. The crash of these drinks can really pull you down. But by drinking more water throughout my day and less caffeine I feel much more productive which results in a happier me. That’s not to say you should totally cut out caffeine in your day. I still have my morning  cuppa tea, don’t get me wrong, but I cut out the afternoon coffee and supplement it with drinking at least one bottle of water throughout my day. This way you feel less down’s in your mood and more up’s.


I hope you guys enjoy and try out my tips on becoming a happier you. If I am able to change at least one person’s perspective and overall become more happy, then that means I am happier too! So let me know in the comments below if you found this post helpful and perhaps a tip you can give me to being happy. 🙂


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