Cuba 2016

This year I had the pleasure of visiting a beautiful place you may all know of as Cuba. This trip as my very first tropical holiday and omg do I now love topical destinations or what! I went for a family friends wedding and was able to experience my first destination wedding and first topical holiday all in one trip. It only felt right to bring my camera and share some of the amazing experiences with you all.


While I was in Cuba I had stayed at the Paradisus Varadero Spa and Resort for 7 days.  Given that this was my very first time at a resort I was smiling from cheek to cheek after seeing first hand what a beautiful place like this has to offer. The resort had so many little trinket huts to purchase souvenirs and so many swimming pools that I didn’t have time to visit them all. The amount of excursions where endless and the abundance of food was extraordinary.


The beauty of the land was indescribable. Everything I saw looked like it was something out of a visa advertisement. I was so amazed that I couldn’t believe I was actually there and that it was all real.


IMG_0193 - CopyIMG_0203 [9035] - Copy IMG_0229

The nature, the weather and the people where all so beautiful and the service was better than anything I have ever expected. Everyone was so happy and joyful.



The sea water was crystal clear and the white sandy beaches really made me feel like I was dreaming. Never had I ever seen something as beautiful.



IMG_0294 [10790] IMG_0296 [10792]

There was no shortage of fruit! It was home grown, fresh and as organic as it gets. And as much as it as you wished for! which for someone like myself who loves fruit, it was heavily.





Just by walking around the resort you would discover so many different types of entertainment for the guests to enjoy throughout the day and into the night. From Aqua performances to live music and theatre productions.

One of the most unforgettable experiences was getting the opportunity to go snorkeling. Growing up as a child I remember my dad always kept a number of fish tanks both cold water and Marine. I was always so excited every time he would get a new marine fish because I love the bright colourful prints and was always so amazed how some could look so incredible. Being able to see fish like that in their own habitat’s was more than what I ever imagined it to be.

IMG_0436 IMG_0489 [10820]IMG_0442

Each night I admired the sunset. The tall Palm trees and colourful sunset was just to amazing not to capture on camera.

IMG_0483 IMG_0485

I am not one for Spa massages but I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to get a massage treatment in Cuba. Even though I wasn’t to fond of the treatment itself, the experience as a hole was extraordinary. I was able to relax beside the pool and hot tubs before having my massage. After my massage I stepped into a traditional cold water bucket shower.  At first I was hesitant but after I felt refreshed and ready to absorb some more sunshine.

IMG_0517 [10830] IMG_0520 IMG_0526 IMG_0527 IMG_0534 [10844] IMG_0535

The Wedding day was one of the hottest days of the week yet the heat didn’t seem to be to exhausting. The resort employees brought out umbrellas for the guests along with fruit and drinks before and after the ceremony. It was a lovely wedding with one amazing backdrop.

IMG_0547 IMG_0559 IMG_0561 IMG_0579



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