Spiced Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate Recipe 

Hot chocolate is a must have Christmas drink and after many attempts I have finally found the perfect recipe for this most spiced and festive Christmas treat. After using a range of different cocoa powders and pre-made hot chocolate powders in my multiple attempts to perfect a hot chocolate recipe, I found that going back… Continue reading Spiced Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate Recipe 

Crunchy Cannoli Creations

You can’t go wrong with a creamy crunchy Christmassy creation just like cannoli. The family owned, Vancouver based Italian bakery Cannoli King have a great variety of flavours. Made from a healthy pinch of passion and a dash of talent, the Cannoli King Bakery is a place to go if you are in the Greater Vancouver area and looking for a sweet treat. When I… Continue reading Crunchy Cannoli Creations